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As a world leader in Taste and Nutrition and as a major consumer foods organisation in Europe, we recognise our dependence on natural ecosystems, our responsibilities to our communities and the changing expectations of our customers and consumers. This puts sustainability at the heart of what we do, with an impact on all areas of our business. From the raw materials we use, to how we produce our products and right through to the final goods we provide to customers, sustainability touches everything we do.

Man examining grass

At Kerry we have always sought to act responsibly and achieve results ethically. As far back as 1999, we introduced combined heat and power generation at our plant in Listowel, reducing our carbon emissions. The natural, grass based, milk production system in Ireland means that our milk suppliers are the most carbon efficient in the EU and in our communities we have always had a strong local involvement stretching right back to our origins as a co-operative.

Of course there is always the need for improvement and as the Group has grown, the need for a more structured approach to sustainability has emerged. Our ‘1 Kerry Sustainability Programme’, launched in 2012, brought together the many complementary activities taking place across the business. Following the successful conclusion of that three year plan in 2014, we launched our 'Towards 2020' programme in 2015 to deliver continuous improvement and help realise our mission of creating value for all of our stakeholders.

We welcome the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, and believe that through our ‘Towards 2020’ programme we are aligned with their ambition and equipped to play our part in helping to achieve the 2030 goals. 

We have worked diligently to progress our Kerry sustainability vision with many accomplishments along the way. Our 1 Kerry sustainability programme has provided a framework and governance approach to ensure the long-term development of the organisation by building competitiveness, while at the same time enhancing the quality of life and protecting our natural resources. We are determined to continue on our sustainability journey through our Kerry Group sustainability strategy ‘Towards 2020’. This strategy will build on the Group’s achievements to date and will guide Kerry’s work over the coming years – becoming a blueprint for successful and sustainable development for years to come. Stan McCarthy, CEO